History of the skûtsje "Twa Famkes"

Launched d.d.: 1912
Yard: Unknown, according to tonnage certificates, probably "de Onderneming" of Tjibbele Ates van der WERFF. at: Warga (Friesland, The Netherlands)
On behalf of: Gerrit Hantjes RIJPKEMA at: Terhorne (Friesland, The Netherlands)
Purpose: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Orig. sizes: Length: 16.26 m Width: 3.47 m Hollow: 1,12 m
Draft: Empty 0,41 m (average), Maximum 1,09 m
Orig. tonnage: 32,718 ton
Tonnage Certificate:
L 1297 N, Twâ Famkes, "Roefschip", iron, built at Warga in 1912, length 16,26 Width 3,47, displacement 32,718 ton, measured at Warga, June 7 1912, Skipper G. H. RIJPKEMA, te Terhorne, tonnage certificate itself is no longer available, see measurement concepts L 1297 N;
L 2380 N, Oerâl Thûs, "Roefschip", iron, built at Warga in 1912, Length 16,17, Width 3,46, Hollow 1,06, displacement 29,211 ton, measured at Leeuwarden, July 28 1932, Skipper T. ZWIERSTRA, Poppingawier, tonnage certificate itself is no longer available, see measurement concepts L 2380 N;
A 15814 N, Overal Thuis, houseboat, steel deck, built in 1912 at unknown at Warga, Length 16,24, width 3,48, draft 0,40, displacment 4,830 ton. Measured at Amsterdam October 2 1954, reason of remeasurement "has turned into a houseboat". This tonnage certificate is present (copy by Ship Measurement Service in Rotterdam). Application on behalf of P. DRAAIJER was probably drawn by his wife Hiltje DRAAIJER-BOS. The ship lies at the "Nieuwe Teertuinen, at Amsterdam, spoordijk t/o boog 23A.
Registration: 9565 B AMST 1987. Signed June 19, 1987. Strikethrough on January 21, 1997. Description: steel houseboat with deck and wood structure, layout: living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet en shower room, hall and outdoor balcony, No propulsion, built at Warga in 1912.
Regatta licences: 2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014